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Pilates, the swimmer to tone legs, glutes and arms
Video Pilates, the swimmer to tone legs, glutes and arms

Pilates, the swimmer to tone legs, glutes and arms

Today's pilates sequence is based on the figure of the swimmer, ideal for toning the body and glutes, slimming the legs and strengthening the arms.
Not only that, this sequence also works on the back, strengthening the muscles and improving posture.
Lie on your stomach, your face is leaning to the side. Put your hands behind your back, bring your face to the center and lift your feet by bending your knees. Return your legs to the ground, lift your torso and stretch your arms backwards. Lift now also your legs trying not to bend them. Stay in this position for a few breaths.
Let's make the exercise a little more difficult. Try bending your knees and bringing your heels closer to your glutes. Then release the position.
Remaining on your stomach, stretch your arms forward and your legs backward, lifting them off the ground. Try now to raise one leg and the opposite arm slightly. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg and arm, so on for a few cycles.
And now faster, perform the same movement with arms and legs without stopping in the middle position.
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