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Pilates Total Body, the swan dive
Video Pilates Total Body, the swan dive

Pilates Total Body, the swan dive

Today's pilates sequence is designed to get to practice the swan dive, a fluid and dynamic exercise that involves the whole body. In fact, this pilates figure strengthens and tones the buttocks, abs, legs and back. Not only that, the exercise allows you to open your chest and improve your breathing.
You are on your stomach, your legs are stretched backwards with your feet slightly apart. The hands are at shoulder height. At first the elbows are bent and the forehead touches the mat.
Straighten your arms and lift your torso. This way the body will form an arch. Maintaining the arch, lower your torso to the ground by bending your arms. Then return to the starting position. Continue like this for a couple of times.
Now, when you come down with the torso keeping the arch of the body, try to take your hands off the ground, the elbows are bent. Then return to the starting position with the torso raised, hands on the ground and arms outstretched.
Repeat the previous exercise but, this time, when you take your hands off, extend your arms in front of you as well.
And finally the complete exercise. Rock back and forth keeping the arch of the body and arms extended in front of you.
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