Pilates, exercises with the stick

A little pilates sequence to do with a stick in order to work on the flexibility of the shoulders and to tone the abs and the oblique muscles, important to support the back and guarantee a stable and correct posture.
Hold the stick with two hands in front of you. Bring the stick above the head and stretch the arms. Bring up and down the shoulders, go on in this way for some breaths. Then, rotate backwards shoulders and arms and bring the stick behind the back, rotate again in the opposite direction and bring the stick in front of your chest.
You are on the back, the feet are on the floor, the knees are bent and the arms are stretched over the head by holding the stick. Exhale, contract the abs and lift the feet, the legs and the torso from the floor until the stick will be close to the knees. Then return on the back and repeat.
Sit down on the mat, the legs are stretched in front of you. The stick is at the face height. Rotate the torso to the left, contract the abs by creating a space around the navel and, slowly, go down towards the mat. Relax, then contract again the abs and return to the initial pose. Repeat by changing body side.
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