Pilates for the legs, the hinge
Video Pilates for the legs, the hinge

Pilates for the legs, the hinge

The hinge is a pilates exercise that works on the muscles of the thighs, it strengthens them and makes them more elastic. This results really beneficial in order to avoid muscle strain but also to guarantee a better stability of the knees.
You are on your knees, stretch all the body and the top of your head towards the ceiling. The arms are extended in front of you.
Inhale and bend the knees, tilt the torso back. The body remains flat as a board. Then return in the initial pose by exhaling. Repeat for 5 times.
Let’s introduce a variant to train also arms and glutes. You are on your knees, the arms are stretched in front of you. Exhale and contract the abs, by creating space in the chest. Repeat for three times, then let you fall dawn, the arms support the fall, the body is still flat.
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