Pilates sequence to burn fat, reshape the body and improve the coordination

Here for you a pilates sequence really effective to get a flat stomach, to counteract abdominal fat and to strengthen arms, legs and shoulders! Like any pilates exercise also this sequence should not be repeated hundreds of time, but eight, and, if done with constancy, it will help reshape the body and improve posture and coordination!
You are on your back. Bend the legs, the knees are falling outwards and the soles of feet are in contact. Hands on your knees.
Exhale, inhale and raise the head looking towards the navel. After another breath cycle stretch the legs forward, like in the pilates exercise The hundred.
Exhale, inhale. Rotate the tips of your feet and, at the same time, also the arms externally. Return then in the initial pose.
Exhale and return with the legs on the floor, the knees are falling outward and the soles of the feet are in contact. Finally, return with the head on the floor. Repeat the sequence for 8 times.
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