Pilates, the full body workout that you can do at home

It is a difficult time, for everybody, but we are in this together and we all are struggling to protect ourselves and the other people, no matter if we know them or not, if we love them or not. And we’ll get through this, for sure. But now, it is important to stay at home as much as possible but this doesn’t mean that we cannot do physical activity. Pilates is perfect to keep us fit also at home. It doesn’t take too much time and no specific tools are needed! Let’s see a total body pilates sequence to slim the waistline, to stretch the muscles of the legs preventing sciatica, to tone the glutes and able to work on the flexibility of the back.
You are standing on the floor, move on the side the right foot, bend the knee and lean the elbow on the thigh. The left arm is close to the ear while the torso is bending to the right, stretching gently. With a step bring again the right foot close to the left one and raise the torso. Rotate the torso to the left with the arms at the shoulder height. The legs don’t move. Return in the initial pose and go on with the sequence for 8 times. Repeat by changing leg.
You are standing on the floor. Move the right foot on the side, rotate the torso to the right and down. The left hand touches the floor while the right arm is stretched towards the ceiling. The head looks towards the right hand. Raise the torso and bring again the feet closer by moving the right foot close to the left one with a step. Raise the arms at the shoulder height and rotate the torso to the left. Return with the torso in the middle and go on with this sequence for 8 times. Repeat by changing the leg.
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