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Pilates total body, the workout to do at home
Video Pilates total body, the workout to do at home

Pilates total body, the workout to do at home

Let’s train today with the total body pilates, easy to do at home and able to work on the whole body. In fact, the exercises act on arms, shoulders, thighs, glutes and abs, help improve flexibility and posture.
You are standing on the mat, inhale, open the chest by slightly bending the back backwards and, at the same time, raise the right arm and bring down the left one. Exhale, inhale and repeat by changing the arms. Go on in this way.
Straighten the arms in front of you, stretch the right arm with a movement that starts from the shoulder. Then stretch the left arm and go on in this way.
Spread the legs and bend the knees. Raise the arms to the sides, by keeping the opening of the arms bend forwards the torso and rotate it to the left, then go back to the center and rotate to the right. Keep on doing the sequence.
You are on your back, the arms are open at your sides, raise the legs with bent knees. Bring the legs to the left, arrive until you can keep the shoulders on the mat. Go back with the legs to the center and then bring them to the right. Go on for 8 cycles. Now, add an extra challenge. Straighten the legs and repeat the movement with stretched legs.
You are sitting on the mat, the legs are bent and the hands are on the knees. The chest is near the knees. Inhale and bring the chest as close as possible to the legs, exhale and bring away the chest from the knees by creating space around the navel. Go on for 8 cycles. Then, bring again the chest close to the knees and move the torso to the right and to the left, the legs don’t move. Now, try to join the movements, while you are bringing the torso to the right bring the chest close to the knees, then, bring it away by creating space around the navel and go to the left.
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