Pilates with the elastic band, the workout for legs, arms and abs

In the video of today we’ll see a pilates sequence easy but effective to strengthen the legs and arms, to tone the abs and to prevent pain and inflammations such as sciatica. The exercises are done with the help of an elastic band, if possible thick and robust. However, if you don’t have an elastic band you can use a towel.
Hold the ends of the elastic band with both hands. The left foot presses against the elastic band, stretch the left leg upwards. Stretch forward the right leg. The arms are slightly bent to bring the chest closer to the left leg. Exhale and, by making space around the navel, go slowly down with the torso towards the ground, the legs stay in the pose. Inhale and bring again the torso near the left leg, that is still stretched and raised. Go on in this way for 5 times, then change the leg.
The left leg presses against the elastic band, that is held by only the left hand. All the torso is on the ground. The right arm is on the floor at the shoulder height. Rotate to the right the head while the left leg goes down to the left until it is possible for you without raising the hips. Then, hold the elastic band with the right hand, the left arm is on the floor, the head rotates to the left while the left leg goes down to the right. Repeat with the other leg.
You are on your back, the hands hold the elastic band and the left foot presses against the elastic. The left leg is stretched and forms a 60° angles with the ground. The head is raised. Don’t move the left leg and the torso and try to raise the right leg and bring it close to the left one. Then bring it again down and repeat the sequence. Go on in this way for 5 times, then change the leg.
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