Pilates workout, for glutes, thighs and abs

The best way to start your day? With the pilates sequence that works on glutes, thighs, back and abs. The workout helps also strengthen the posterior muscles of the thigh that, especially if you spend a lot of hours at the desk, are pressed and may become weak.
You are on your stomach on the gym mat. Lean the forehead on the back of the hands. Tighten the glutes and try to lift the feet from the floor, don’t move the shoulders. Go back with the feet to the floor and repeat the exercises a couple of times.
Tighten the glutes and lift the feet from the ground, bend now the knees and bring the feet towards the ceiling. Try to lift the knees some centimeters from the floors. Bring the legs back to the mat, repeat the sequence for 8 times.
Now, keep the legs on the mat, raise up the torso and the head, move the torso from one side to the other. Then bring back the torso on the mat and repeat the exercise for 8 times.
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