Pranayama for the calm, the technique of the square breathing

Today we’ll see a yoga breathing technique, or pranayama, really powerful, able to bring calm, to make the mind free from anxiety and worries, to improve concentration and to counteract insomnia. We are speaking about sama vritti pranayama, or technique of the square breathing.
Sit down on the mat, as you like, in the most comfortable pose for you. For example, you can sit with crossed legs or, if you have sore knees, you can make a turret with books, place above the books a pillow and sit on the pillow with the knees on the floor. Open the chest, the hands are on your knees, close your eyes.
Visualize in your mind a square. Mentally, start from the top left edge and go, by inhaling, towards the top right edge. Don’t force the breathing, breathe with your rhythm.
Hold the breath and, still mentally, reach the bottom right edge of the virtual square.
Exhale and keep on exhaling while you are reaching the bottom left edge.
Stay with empty lungs until your mind reaches the top left edge.
Go on in this way, the breath will flow light and it will seem to you that you will be able to stay in the pose forever!
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