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Relaxing yoga, foot massage
Video Relaxing yoga, foot massage

Relaxing yoga, foot massage

After a day spent at work, at school or at home to do all the daily activities it is nice to take a moment for ourselves and dedicate little attentions to our feet, that tireless support us in every moment. Today we will see how to do the self foot massage in order to relax the tensions, to improve blood circulation and the pressure and to counteract water retention!
Stay on the yoga mat, go on your tiptoes, then go back on the floor and again on your tiptoes. Go on in this way for some times. Bring now all the load on you heels and then move it on the tiptoes with a fluid movement, like a wave. Then, on tiptoes, make small movements upwards and downwards without touching the floor with the heels.
Take now a ball, it should be quite hard. Place it under your foot and roll it from the toes to your heels, go on rolling the ball under the foot, try to release the tensions.
Put the ball under the forefoot. Bend the toes towards the floor and then stretch them towards the ceiling. Repeat this exercise for a couple of times. The bring the ball under the heel and make small movements up and down.
Change now the foot and repeat the same sequence.
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