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Sage’s twist yoga pose, or Bharadwajasana, deep detox and against sciatica
Video Sage’s twist yoga pose, or Bharadwajasana, deep detox and against sciatica

Sage’s twist yoga pose, or Bharadwajasana, deep detox and against sciatica

The yoga position of the sage Bharadwaja is an asana that allows you to feel your roots deeply rooted in the earth but at the same time, thanks to the twist, it helps you to see things from another perspective.
Not only that, the yoga position of the sage stimulates a process of deep detoxification, massages the internal organs, relieves tension and stiffness in the spine and helps to counteract sciatica. Finally, thanks to the twists, this sequence also helps to slim the waistline.
You are on your feet. Stretch your arms up, exhale and flex your torso to the right. Inhale and bring your torso back to center, exhale and flex to the left, continue like this.
Stretch your arms upwards again, bend your torso forward until you can touch the ground. Take little steps with your hands and enter the downward facing dog yoga pose. Bring your knees to the ground, lift your feet. Exhale and rotate torso and feet to the right, inhale and rotate to the left, continue like this, this is a great exercise to slim the waistline.
Bring your legs to the side and bring yourself to a sitting position, then lower with your back. You are now on your back, your legs are bent. Bring your right knee down, which rests on the mat. Lift your pelvis, breathe. Repeat with the other leg.
Go into a sitting position, the legs are spread apart and the knees bent. Drop both knees to the right, then to the left, and so on. After 4-5 cycles, while the knees are on the right, stretch the left leg forward, then repeat on the other side.
Bring your feet to the right, the knees are bent and the legs are one above the other. Lift your knees off the ground, grab your left ankle with your right hand, stretch your leg as the torso rotates to the left and the right leg returns to the ground, breathe, with each exhale the torso rotates a little more as your roots remain firm to the ground. Repeat on the other side.
Bring a pillow to your left side. Bend the right leg back while the left knee rests on the pillow. The left foot is on the right thigh. Rotate your torso to the left, your left arm passes behind your back and your hand grasps your left foot. The right hand presses against the left knee to facilitate the rotation. Only go as far as you can, if your hand doesn't get to grab your foot, place it behind your back. If you feel discomfort in your left knee, add a pillow. With constant practice, the body will be more flexible until it is possible to practice the asana of the sage without the help of the pillow. Repeat on the other side.
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