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Seated pose of the cat and cow
Video Seated pose of the cat and cow

Seated pose of the cat and cow

Today we’ll see two possible variations of the cat pose, explained in the previous lessons. Both the poses of today are seated poses, cross-legged or on a chair, and this characteristic makes the exercise very easy to do during the day, also in the office in order to take a moment for you also in the busiest days. The benefits of the pose are: improvement of the flexibility of the back, strengthening of the muscles, relieve of the tensions of the backbone and the neck, improvement of the ability to concentrate
Sit cross-legged on the yoga mat, the back is straight, the chin is close to the neck in order to stretch the backbone in a natural way, the hands are on the knees.
Exhale, and bend your back starting from the low back. Keep on bending the back until the neck, that goes down. The arms help the movement.
Inhale, return in the initial pose by straighten the back, begin this movement from the low back and go on until the movement reaches the neck. Finish this part of the exercise by opening the shoulders and raising the head, the chin is close to the neck
Go on with your rhythm. Focus the attention on the inside of your body. Which part of this asana do you prefer? When you bend the back or when the back is straight and the shoulders open? Observe without judging.
This exercise can be done also seated on a chair. You are sitting close to the edge of the chair, in order to do all the movements in a comfortable way. The back straight, the chin is near the neck and the hands are on the knees.
Like in the previous exercise, exhale and bend the back starting from the bottom till the neck, that bends. Inhale, and return to the initial pose by straightening the back, start always from the low back. When the torso raises up open the shoulders. Go on for some breaths.
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