Side plank to slim the waistline and strengthen the arms

Today we see a pilates sequence based on the side plank that will help, if practiced with constancy, to slim the waistline, improve breathing and circulation but also to strengthen the arms, wrists and shoulders.
Lie down on your right side, place your right forearm on the mat and keep your upper body raised. Bend the right leg, place the left foot on the ground and lift the pelvis. The left hand looks towards the ceiling. This is the facilitated version of the side plank. Do on the other side too.
Get on all fours, raise the knees and remain for a few seconds in the position. Breathe and lift your pelvis, try to bring your chest closer to your thighs. Then bring the pelvis back towards the mat but do not lean your knees on the floor, keep them raised. Repeat this sequence a couple of times.
Stay with the pelvis raised and go in plank. Slowly raise the left hand from the floor and bring the weight to the right. The torso rotates while the left hand goes towards the ceiling and, if possible, the feet are one over the other. Here it is the side plank. Then return to the plank and do on the other side too.
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