Side plank with rotation, the pilates exercise for arms, shoulders and abs

Side plank with rotation is a pilates exercise that, in addition to strengthening the muscles of arms, back and shoulders works deeply on abs and makes the back more flexible. In addition to this, side plank with rotation fortifies also the oblique muscles, important to guarantee a correct posture and to avoid back pain.
You are on your left side, put the right foot on the mat and in front of the left one in order to stay in balance. The left elbow is on the mat while the right arm is on the hips.
Raise the hips, then return on the mat, go on in this way for 3 times.
Stay in the pose with the raised hips. Stretch the right arm towards the ceiling. Exhale and rotate the torso by passing the right arm below the left shoulder. Return to the initial pose with the raised hips and the stretched arm. Repeat the sequence for 8 times. Then change body side.
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