Start your day full of energy and life, the perfect yoga practice for the morning
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Start your day full of energy and life, the perfect yoga practice for the morning

The best way to start the day? With this little yoga sequence, fast but perfect to take care of yourself in a simple but efficient way. The mind will result calm and focalized on your goals and the body will be active and flexible, start now!
Let’s start with the crocodile pose, lie down on your stomach, the arms bent in front of you, lean the forehead on the hands. Focus the attention on your breath and let all the thoughts flow.
Bring now the arms at the chest height, the elbows are close to the body. Do now the cobra pose, lift the head, the shoulders and the chest, try this by using just the muscles of the back and not the arms, that should just maintain you in balance.
Return in the initial pose. The arms are still bent at the chest height. Push away the floor with hands and raise up the abdomen, the chest and the head that is looking in front of you. Stay in the pose for some breaths, then return on the yoga mat.
End the sequence with the downward facing dog, feet and hands are on the floor, legs out straight and the hips looking to the ceiling, ready to start the day with a different point of view!
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