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Staying fit with yoga
Video Staying fit with yoga

Staying fit with yoga

Yoga can help body and mind, the constant practice improves indeed concentration and breath but it is also able to firm and slim the body. The sequence of today counteracts cellulite for lean and fit legs but it is also able to make your glutes tight and the back flexible.
You are on your back, the legs are bent and the arms are along your sides. Go in the bridge pose by lifting slowly the hips and pressing the hands against the floor. Breathe.
Lift now the right leg and straighten it towards the ceiling. Stay in the pose, breathe and try to maintain the glutes up.
Bring back the leg and also the hips to the ground. Breathe and return again in the bridge pose. Repeat now the exercise with the other leg.
Bring now the legs to the chest, you are always on your back, and massage the back by swinging from one side to the other.
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