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Stretching of the muscles of legs and back
Video Stretching of the muscles of legs and back

Stretching of the muscles of legs and back

In this little yoga sequence you’ll learn some simple movements to stretch the muscles of legs and backs with an important beneficial action against tensions and problems with the sciatic nerve.
Moreover, you’ll be able to improve balance and posture.
You are sitting on your knees on the yoga mat, bow forward with extended arms. Lengthen the back. Then, go in the downward facing dog pose.
The feet come closer to the hands, start now doing small movements with the knees like a walking in place. Then, by exhaling, flex both the knees, by inhaling straighten the knees. Go on in this way for some breaths.
Now the chest comes close to the legs, flex a bit the knees. Hug the legs. Exhale and the chest comes closer to the legs, inhale and the legs straighten but keep on hugging them. Go on in this way for some breaths. Then slowly, raise the torso. The movement is very slow and involve one vertebra after the other. This last exercise is very useful for the back, do it often!
Bend the right knee and bring it to the chest, grab the knee with both hands. Activate the left foot in order to maintain the balance. The hands go now and grab the right ankle, stretch the right leg while the muscles of the back are working in order to maintain the posture. Return with two feet on the yoga mat and repeat with the other leg, maybe you’ll observe some differences between the two sides, observe without judging, all what you note is ok. Then, return on the yoga mat with both feet and you can complete the sequence with the mountain yoga pose with arms at your side, legs slightly spread, close your eyes and breathe.
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