Sun salutation, the yoga sequence easy to do and beneficial for all

Sun salutation is one of the most well-known yoga sequences in the world. This exercise is perfect for the morning since it gently stimulates the blood flow, stretches the muscles, increases the energy and the awareness of the here and now. The strength of sun salutation is also that it is also suitable for everybody, both beginners and experts. In the video and in the following description you can find all the steps and the asanas of sun salutation.

Prayer yoga pose

You are standing on the mat, your hands joined in prayer at the chest height, exhale.

Raised arms position

Inhale, stretch the arms towards the ceiling and arch backwards the torso.

Hand to foot

During exhalation, bend forward until you form with legs and torso a 90° angle. The arms are stretched in front of you. Go on with the movement and touch the floor with the hands.

Equestrian pose

Inhale, bring backward the right knee. Put the knee and the instep on the floor. Look towards the ceiling.

Eight limbs pose

Exhale, go on tiptoe with the right foot, raise the knee and go backward also with the left leg. Then, by holding the breath, lower down to floor the knees, the chest and the forehead while the hips stay raised.


Inhale, lower down to the floor also the hips and raise the torso, the head is looking towards the ceiling

Downward facing dog

Exhale, go on tiptoes and raise the hips, try to go close to the legs with your torso

Equestrian pose

Inhale and bring the right leg forward, the foot is between the hands. Go on the floor with the left knee and the instep. Look upward.

Hand to foot

Exhale, go on tiptoe with the left foot and lift the knee up off the ground, take a forward step with the left foot and in this way you will have both the feet between the hands. The chest is on the thighs, if you feel pain bend the legs.

Raised arms pose

Inhale, raise the torso until you form with legs and torso a 90° angle. Complete the inhalation by straightening the torso and bringing the arms towards the ceiling. Finally, arch backwards the torso.


Exhale, bring the hands joined at the chest height, then at your body sides and complete the cycle.
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