The bridge, opens the chakra of the heart and strengthens the body

Today we’ll see the full yoga sequence of the bridge with steps at different difficulty levels. In this way, everybody will be able to practice with this asana and arrive until it is possible for him/her, without feeling any discomfort or pain but getting benefits from the effects of this amazing yoga pose. The bridge indeed opens the chakra of the heart, a region where often accumulate tensions, rigidity and worries. Moreover, the bridge stimulates the thyroid, works on the flexibility of the back and strengthens legs, arms and glutes.
You are on your back, the legs are bent and the arms are at your sides. Press with the hands against the floor and raise the hips, then return to the mat.
Grab the ankles and lift the hips as high as you can.
From this yoga pose bring the hands close to the ears with the fingers looking towards the shoulders.
Inhale, lift with the arms and place the top of the head in contact with the yoga mat. Exhale, then inhale and straighten the arms in order to entry in the final bridge yoga pose.
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