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The crow, the full body and mind workout
Video The crow, the full body and mind workout

The crow, the full body and mind workout

The crow is a spectacular yoga pose. But it is not just amazing to see it is also beneficial to practice both for body and mind. This asana indeed involves all the body, from arms to feet, it tones the legs and abs but helps also the mind to remove stress and low self-confidence.
To start you can do this yoga pose with the help of a big and rigid book. Put it on the ground and crouch down on the book. Lean the hands on the floor in front of you and open the fingers. All the hand should adhere to the ground, this is the secret to successfully do the exercise.
Lift the hips by going on tiptoe and lean the knees a bit above the elbows. Bend the arms while you are going forward with the weight. Stay in this pose, with all the feet on the ground, then try to lift one foot then the other, just to become familiar with the asana.
When the body is ready for the asana you will be able to balance the weight until you lift all the feet, lift the legs by contracting the abs. Stay in the pose, breathe. Then try to repeat the exercise without the book.
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