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The Hundred, a total body workout
Video The Hundred, a total body workout

The Hundred, a total body workout

The Hundred is one of the best known pilates exercises. Its strength is that it is easy to do and results really beneficial to work on arms, shoulders, abs and thighs. The Hundred helps reshape the body and improves coordination and breathing.
You are on your back, bend the knee. Lift the feet from the ground and lift also the head, look at the navel.
Stretch the legs that should form a 45° angle with the ground, stretch forward also the arms and don’t touch the floor with the hands.
Move the arms up and down, the movements are fast and small. Pay attention also to the breathing, inhale for 5 movements of the arms, then exhale for 5 movements. Do 10 complete breaths that correspond to 100 movements with the arms, The Hundred!
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