Total body pilates, exercises with the ball

Today we’ll see a full body pilates sequence, that works on the glutes, thighs, arms but also abs! The proposed exercises help slim the legs, counteract abdominal fat but are also useful to correct the posture. For the practice we’ll use just a ball and a mat. And you, what are you waiting for? Train with us!
You are on your back, bend the knees and place the ball under the feet. Feet and legs are very close, this will help you maintain the balance. The arms are at your sides. Slowly, raise the hips and go in the bridge pose. Stay a few seconds, then return on the mat. Go on for 8 times.
You are on your stomach, place the ball under your chest, in this way torso and head are off the floor. Raise the arms and bring them to the shoulder height, the elbows are bent. Repeat for 3 times. Then, we can make it a bit difficult. Raise the bent arms, then try to stretch them forwards, bend them again and bring the elbows to the mat.
You are on your left body side. The right arm is on the mat in front of your chest. The left arm is on the mat. Place the ball between the ankles. Raise the legs, then bring them again on the floor. Repeat for 3 times. Then try to raise, together with the legs, also the left arm, repeat this for 3 times, then change the body side.
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