Total Body Pilates, the sequence for back, arms, legs, glutes and abs

Today we will see a total body pilates sequence that works on the flexibility of the back, on the strength of the legs, arms and abs but it is also able to reshape the glutes and to slim the waistline. You can do this pilates exercise every day, it takes not much time and it is really simple!
You are on all fours, start with the cat stretching. Round the back towards the ceiling by starting from the low back and go on along all the spine, then return with the back to the initial neutral pose. Repeat this stretching for some breaths, then, together with this stretching of the back, do also a rotation of the hips, in one direction and in the other.
Go now in plank, exhale and go down with the chest by controlling the fall with the arms. Inhale and raise the torso by straightening the arms.
Bring now the hips backwards and sit on your heels, the arms and the back are now stretched.
Return on all fours and repeat the sequence by going in plank and so on, do all the exercise with your rhythm, breathe
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