Triangle and variants, the exercise for body, mind and breath

Triangle and its variants are really beneficial yoga poses that act on the body, by making it more flexible and removing the toxins, on the mind, by calming the recurring thoughts, and the breath, by making it more regular. These effects strengthen also the immune system.
You are standing on the mat, make a step on the side with the right foot, rotate it 90° angle. Bend the right knee and lean the right elbow on the right thigh. The left arm passes behind the back and the torso rotates so that the eyes look over the left shoulder. Stretch the right leg.
The right arm passes below the thigh and the hands grab each other behind the back. Breathe.
The right hand is on the ground while the left arm stretches towards the ceiling, the eyes look towards the left hand.
With the strength of the inhalation raise the torso, bend the right knee. The right arm stretches forwards by indicating the horizon and the left arm is stretched backwards. This is the yoga pose of the warrior.
Straighten the knee, bring back the torso in the middle and bring the arms down. Raise again the arms and rotate the torso to the right, go down and touch the floor with the left hand, the right arm stretches towards the ceiling. Breathe. Raise the torso and return in the mountain pose. Breathe. Repeat by changing body side.
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