Variants of the cat pose

Here for you a small sequence of yoga poses thought for the back, in order to improve its flexibility and to remove tensions. Doing these exercises in the evening would be the best, after a working day in order to obtain relief from tensions. Also concentration and balance can benefit from these poses.
Stay on all fours on the yoga mat, start doing the basic cat pose. Exhale, round the back toward the ceiling starting from the low back. Inhale and straighten the back starting always from the low back. The movement flows like a wave. Go on for some minutes.
Break the sequence with the downward-facing dog. The feet and hands are on the floor while the tailbone raises up toward the ceiling. The back stretches and the knees bend slightly in order to extend the back.
After some breaths return on all fours on the yoga mat and do the first variant of the cat pose. Exhale, bend the left knee and bring it close to the forehead, the head comes down. Inhale, the head raises up and the left leg stretches. Go on for other three times, then change the body side.
Break the sequence with the downward-facing dog pose. Stretch the back and breathe, stay in this pose that allows you to look at the world form a different point of view.
Return on your hands and knees on the yoga mat and prepare yourself to do the second variant of the cat pose. Exhale, lift slightly the right arm and the left leg and bring them close by rounding the back, inhale and stretch forward the right arm and backward the left leg. Go on for other three times and then change the body side.
End this sequence with the child pose, you are sitting on your heels and spread slightly the legs. Bend forward and lean the forehead to the yoga mat, the arms are at the sides of the body. This pose is very relaxing and allows you to enjoy the energy that, after the very active poses, is still flowing in your body.
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