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Yoga against anxiety and nervous exhaustion and to improve sleep quality

January 27, 2023
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Yoga against anxiety and nervous exhaustion and to improve sleep quality
Video Yoga against anxiety and nervous exhaustion and to improve sleep quality

Anxiety, stress, obsessive thoughts and nervous exhaustion are increasingly common conditions nowadays, thanks to a busy life, a job that requires you to reach ever higher goals but also events on the international scene. Anxiety and stress worsen the quality of life, causing sleep disturbances, irritability, contracted muscles, pain and obsessive thoughts that worsen mood. Fortunately, yoga can help counteract the effects of anxiety and stress on the body and mind, helping not to dwell on problems and instilling a feeling of well-being that dissolves tension, capable of calming and relaxing, bringing serenity and lots of energy. Today we will practice a yoga sequence together to restore calm, serenity and relaxation and improve the quality of sleep. After all, the whole universe surrenders to a calm mind, as the Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu stated in the third century BC, indicating the importance of a calm mind, free of continuous and recurring thoughts, to unlock all our inner resources.

Yoga warm-up and relaxation exercises

You are standing on the yoga mat, arms are at your sides. Close your eyes, you are in the yoga position of the mountain, which gives strength and stability in the midst of life's adversities. Choose to dedicate this moment to yourself, breathe. If a thought arises, let it go. Now, when you exhale, tilt your head to the side, to the right, and simultaneously bring your right arm down, stretching it towards the ground. Inhale and straighten your head and shoulders, exhale and repeat on your left side, continue this small sequence for a few rounds.

Then, stop the movement, stretch your arms upwards and lean forward with your torso. Lower your torso again until your hands touch the ground.

Yoga exercises for relaxation and stretching of the muscles

Get on all fours, exhale and arch the back like a cat, inhale and straighten the column. Continue in the cat yoga pose for a few cycles.

Then, stop the movement and bring your right knee between your hands. The left leg stretches backwards. Breathe and rest your elbows on the floor. Stand in the pigeon yoga pose feeling your muscles pleasantly stretch, counteracting stiffness, back pain and sciatica.

Then return to all fours and repeat on the other side.

Yoga exercises to promote good sleep

You are on all fours from the previous exercise. Bring your legs out to the side and sit down on the mat.

Then go down with your back until you touch the ground, your legs are bent and your feet planted firmly on the ground in front of you. Bring left ankle to right knee, left knee drops out. The arms are stretched out to the side at shoulder height. Slowly lower your legs to the right until you touch the ground. The head rotates to the left. This yoga twist is great for promoting deep relaxation and good rest. Stay in the position for a few breaths.

Then, with the force of the inhalation, lift the legs and straighten the head. Repeat on the other side. Finally, stretch your legs out in front of you in corpse yoga pose, with your arms at your sides and your eyes closed. Breathe, feel the pleasant sensations left by the asanas you have just practiced, with the awareness that you can recall them whenever you want, because they are inside you.

Here is a yoga sequence for anxiety, stress and nervous exhaustion, which drain energy, leave you tired and often with disturbed sleep. These yoga exercises, on the other hand, promote relaxation, calm and serenity, block obsessive thoughts, counteract muscle stiffness, which is the cause of many back pains and problems, improve the quality of sleep and supply us with energy.

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