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Yoga against stress, anxiety and hypertension

January 06, 2023
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Yoga against stress, anxiety and hypertension
Video Yoga against stress, anxiety and hypertension

Today we will practice together a yoga sequence that includes specific asanas, designed to promote a state of relaxation. In fact, as demonstrated by scientific studies (Vinay et al, Int J Yoga, 2016), the constant practice of some yoga positions can, in a few weeks, strengthen the body and heart and make them more capable of adapting to external events, with important health benefits. In fact, in this way the heart is protected and the risk of hypertension is reduced. Not only that, yoga promotes relaxation and calm and counteracts anxiety and stress.

You are standing, arms are at your sides. Close your eyes and breathe, choose to dedicate this moment to yourself. If a thought arises, let it go, don't hold it.

Lift your left heel and place it against your right ankle, bring your hands in prayer and breathe, keeping your balance.

Then, slide your left foot along your right leg and place it just above the knee, stay in position, breathe. Finally, helping yourself with your hand, bring your left foot as close as possible to your pelvis, your hands are in prayer while your arms stretch upwards. Breathe feeling the stability of the position that allows you at the same time to stretch towards the open space of the sky.

Release the position. Stretch your arms up.

Then, bend forward with your torso and go down until your hands touch the ground. Rest your knees on the floor. Inhale and arch your back towards the ceiling like a cat, simultaneously taking your knees off the ground and bringing your weight back.

Then exhale, return your knees to the mat and open your chest. Continue for a few cycles.

Bring yourself now lying on your stomach. The hands are at shoulder height. Press your hands against the mat and extend your arms, lifting your torso off the ground. You are in the cobra pose, breathe.

Get on all fours again. Sit between your legs bent and flat on the ground. Slowly lower your torso backwards until your back touches the ground. Stretch your arms over your head, breathe.

Release the position and finally lie down on your back, with your arms at your sides and the legs stretched. Close your eyes and breathe, feeling the effects of the asanas you just practiced.

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