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Yoga against tiredness, anxiety and bad digestion
Video Yoga against tiredness, anxiety and bad digestion

Yoga against tiredness, anxiety and bad digestion

February 17, 2023
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Tiredness, irritability, anxiety but also bad digestion can be counteracted with yoga! Today, in particular, we will see a yoga sequence designed to work at the level of the solar plexus, the third chakra. The exercises that work on the solar plexus have the aim of rebalancing the third chakra, instilling energy, keeping away anxiety, nervousness and fatigue but also helping to improve digestion.

Third chakra, the solar plexus chakra

The third chakra, called the Manipura chakra, is located in the solar plexus area, between the navel and the sternum. It is the center of energy, which makes us put our ideas into action. The color yellow is associated with this chakra and its element is fire. The exercises that lead to the release of tension in the solar plexus bring important benefits, helping us to feel stronger, full of energy, toned, less anxious and also improving digestion, the process that transforms what we eat into energy.

Preliminary warm-up for asanas

You are on your back, bring your knees bent to your chest and place your hands on your knees. Exhale, lift your head to look at the navel and also lift the sacrum. Stay in this position for a few seconds. Then inhale and release, repeat a couple of times. Stay on the ground, with knees bent. Interlace your fingers on your left knee and extend your right leg towards the ceiling. Exhale, move the left knee away from the chest and simultaneously lift the head to look at the navel and descend with the right leg towards the ground. Inhale and bring your leg back to the starting position, bring your left knee close to the chest again and return your head to the ground. Repeat on the other side.

Bow Yoga Pose

Bring yourself onto your stomach. Bend your knees and bring your feet to your glutes. The hands grip the ankles. Simultaneously lift your torso and bring your legs up and away from you, thus entering the yoga bow position. Breathe. With each breath you can feel a pleasant and beneficial rocking on your belly. After a few breaths, release the position. Stretch your legs out on the mat and rest your forehead on the backs of your hands in the crocodile yoga position, breathe.

Boat Yoga Pose

Roll onto your back. The legs are bent and the feet are on the ground. Bend your elbows, pressing them against the mat, and lift your torso. Also lift your feet off the ground, stay in this position for a few breaths. Try, if you can, to stretch your legs upwards. Back with your feet on the ground, lift your torso even more by extending your arms. Lift your feet off the ground forming a 90° angle with your knees. Then, try to get into full boat position by straightening your legs and bringing your arms parallel to your legs. Breathe for a few cycles, then release the position.

Triangle Yoga Pose

You are seated, with knees bent and feet on the floor. Bring your body weight forward by lifting your pelvis off the mat. Place your hands on the ground and straighten your legs. Slowly bring your torso up. You are now standing. Spread your legs beyond the width of the mat. Turn your right foot 90° outwards and open your arms out to the side, until you reach shoulder height. Lower your torso sideways to the right, until your right hand touches the ground, resting in front of your right foot. The left arm stretches towards the sky and the head looks at the left hand, breathe. Then, with the force of the inhale, lift the torso and practice on the other side.

Tree Yoga Pose

Finish the practice standing, bringing your feet together. Close your eyes and let your arms fall to your sides. Breathe, feel the energy awakened by the practice flowing through you.

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