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Yoga detox in spring

April 16, 2021
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Yoga detox in spring
Video Yoga detox in spring

Now it's time to purify the body of toxins, accumulated during the winter, thanks to the yoga sequence that we will practice together today. The exercises are based on twists, which are yoga positions that allow a greater flow of blood to the internal organs in order to make them work better and to remove stagnation and toxins.

Here is an exercise to practice every morning as soon as you wake up. You are standing, your feet are slightly apart. Rotate your body left and right, arms follow the movement. This helps stimulate circulation and also improves the mobility of the spine.

Stretch upwards, then bend your torso forward and go down until you touch the ground with your hands. Take two small steps forward with your hands and enter the downward facing dog pose. Take off your right hand and bring it to the outside of your left foot, breathe.

Then bring your hand back and repeat with your left hand.

Bring your knees to the ground, breathe, you can feel the effects of the position you just made.

Then bring your legs to the side and slide your weight backwards. You are sitting on the mat, your legs are stretched out in front of you. Bend your right leg and interlace your fingers under your right foot. Stretch your leg upwards in the heron yoga position. Now bring the left hand to the outside of the right foot, remove the right hand and rotate the torso to the right, keeping the right arm raised and extended to the side. Now rest your hand on the ground, let it slide in order to go down with the torso to the ground. Breathe for a few cycles, then lift your torso, rotate it to the center position and grab your right foot with both hands, trying to bring the leg further towards you.

Then release the position and repeat on the other side.

Sit down with your legs bent to the left. The right hand is resting on the mat. Slowly, exhale and rotate your torso to the right so that your left hand is next to your right.

Then lower your torso until your forehead touches the mat. Stay in the position, breathe. Raise your forehead and place only your forearms on the ground. Try lifting your pelvis as well, then come back down. Release the position and repeat with the other leg.

The breathing of the lion is excellent to stimulate the detox processes and the work of the liver but also to remove tension in the face. Sit on your knees, hands on the ground with your fingers pointing backwards, towards you. Inhale with your nose, exhale forcefully from the wide open mouth, at the same time stick out your tongue trying to get to the chin, eyes look up.

The position of the lightning bolt is perfect when, after eating, you suffer from acidity and poor digestion. Always sit on your knees, the backs of your feet on the ground. The palms of the hands are on your lap, facing upwards, the right hand over the left and the thumbs in contact to open the chest. Breathe in this position.

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