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Yoga for hair health and beauty
Video Yoga for hair health and beauty

Yoga for hair health and beauty

August 04, 2023
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Yoga is beneficial for body and mind and today we will see that it can also be beneficial for the health of hair and scalp. The sequence we will practice together is designed for everyone, it can be practiced at any time of the day, both using a vegetable oil and dry, and helps stimulate hair growth and counteract its loss.

Yoga for hair, what science says

The yoga sequence that we will practice together is based on scalp massages, neck movement combined with breathing and tapping on the scalp. These actions have proven effective in increasing the microcirculation on the scalp, bringing more nourishment to the hair follicle and making the skin more elastic. As an effect of this, studies have shown that regular hair yoga practice can help counteract hair loss and stimulate hair growth, is helpful in making hair healthier, stronger and thicker (English et al, Dermatol Ther, 2019). Finally, scalp massage, in addition to these important benefits, also helps to relax, reduces blood pressure and counteracts stress (Kim et al, J Phys Ther Sci, 2016). Below we will see the yoga exercises for the well-being of the hair as proposed by scientific research.

Yoga for hair, neck and ear massage

Helps stimulate blood circulation and relaxes body and mind. Start by turning your head to the right, then back to the center, then to the left, to the center again, then down, in the center and finally up, repeat the sequence matching the movement to the breath. When you turn your head exhale and when you bring it back to the central position inhale. Then bring your hands to your neck. Fingers wrap around the neck. Swipe with one hand to the right and with the other to the left, continue like this. After performing this massage, form a scissors with the index and middle fingers of each hand. Bring the scissors thus created close to the face so that the ears are in the center of the scissors. Rub the scissor up and down.

Yoga for hair, scalp massage

Starting from the nape of the neck and then from the sides and continuing up to the top of the head, perform circular scalp massages using your fingers. Fingers lightly press and then rub the scalp in a circular motion.

Yoga for hair, more elastic skin

Take a strand of hair and comb it with your fingers, pulling slightly. Pull your hair up as well. Then repeat with the rest of the hair divided into strands.

Yoga for the hair, massage with oil or dry

You can perform this massage dry, in this case it can become a relaxing and stimulating cuddle for the scalp at the end or during a working day. Alternatively, if you are at home and intend to wash your hair later, you can dip your fingers in a vegetable oil of your choice and massage. Much appreciated in this case are jojoba oil, which also helps to strengthen the skin barrier in case of scalp irritation, and coconut oil, one of the most powerful oils when it comes to combating brittle hair. You can also add a drop of an essential oil, such as lavender, to help prevent hair loss.

Yoga for hair, conclusions

The massage of the neck, ears and scalp, combined with neck movements and breathing, helps to make the hair more full-bodied, stimulate its growth and also counteract anxiety, stress and hypertension. Here we have proposed some small beneficial exercises and, if you wish, you can follow the guided sequence by watching the video accessible from this page.

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