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Yoga for happiness
Video Yoga for happiness

Yoga for happiness

March 11, 2022
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Staying in the here and now, stopping the obsessive thoughts that overlap, but also stimulating the proper functioning of the thyroid, in order to keep anxieties and sadness at bay, and working on the flexibility of body and mind. These are the benefits of the yoga sequence that we are going to practice today. The exercises are based on asanas that pleasantly stretch the muscles and open the heart chakra.

Sit cross-legged, open your chest. Interlace your fingers and stretch your arms up, breathe.

Get to your knees while sitting on your heels. The hands rest on the mat behind the back with the fingers facing outwards. Open your chest and bring the head slightly backwards.

Now place your hands in front of you. Take a few steps back and lift your pelvis into the Downward facing dog yoga pose. Lift your right leg back. Bend your leg to the left. Go down with your right foot to the left until your foot rests on the ground, your right hand comes off the ground and your torso rotates to the right. Then go back to the Downward facing dog yoga pose and repeat on the other side.

You are in the Downward facing dog yoga pose. Bend your arms and go with your torso forward. Just before touching the ground with your pelvis, place the backs of your feet on the mat, straighten your arms and look up. Breathe.

Finally, bring yourself to your knees, sitting on your heels. The forehead is resting on the ground and the arms are stretched out on the mat. Take a few more moments for yourself, breathe.

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