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Yoga for headaches
Video Yoga for headaches

Yoga for headaches

April 15, 2022
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Yoga can help to both relieve and prevent headaches. Scientific studies have shown that relaxation and stretching exercises can be beneficial by reducing pain and the number of headache episodes. Not only that, breathing exercises performed with the aim of improving breathing and opening the nose can also be useful, since it has been shown that breathing for a long time from one nostril, because the other is closed, can favor the onset of headache. So let's see a yoga sequence that combines breathing, stretching and relaxation exercises to counteract headaches.

Sit cross-legged, open your chest. With the thumb of your right hand close the right nostril and inhale for 4 seconds, then detach the thumb and close the left nostril with the other fingers. Exhale for 6 seconds. Then, still from the same nostril, inhale for 4 seconds. Remove your fingers and close the right nostril with your thumb. Exhale for 6 seconds, then inhale for 4 seconds. Proceed like this in alternate nostril breathing that helps clear the nose.

Still in a sitting position, gently lower your head downwards. Don't bend your back. You can feel the neck muscles stretching pleasantly. Place your hands on your knees and slowly round your back making room around the navel. Exhale. Breathing in, straighten your back starting from the lumbar area and gradually go up the entire spine, finally straighten your head. Gently bend the head sideways to the right, bringing the ear closer to the shoulder, then straighten the head and bend it to the left. Then straighten your head again.

Bring your fingers to your temples. Press lightly and slide your fingers to the hair, then forward, back again. You can use an essential oil, such as lavender oil, to perform this massage.

Go on all fours. Sit on your heels, put your forehead on the mat and stretch your arms forward, stay in this position for a few breaths.

Back on all fours. Remove the left hand and extend the left arm to the right, under the right armpit. Lower your torso and place your left cheek on the ground. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other arm.

Go your back. Rest your head on the mat and let your arms fall to your sides. Breathe and take a few minutes for yourself, observing how your body stays on the mat. See if there are tensions, if one side is more contracted than the other. Observe without judging.

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