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Yoga for heavy legs and water retention
Video Yoga for heavy legs and water retention

Yoga for heavy legs and water retention

July 22, 2022
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The heat, but also standing for many hours or some medications can cause or worsen water retention. Blood flow becomes difficult, legs become tired and heavy, feet and ankles swell and toxins accumulate in the body. Today we will see a draining yoga sequence, useful for improving blood circulation and counteracting water retention and the sense of heaviness that can be felt in the legs.

You're on your feet, start curling your toes, then fan them out. Now swing by shifting your weight from your heels to your toes. This is a great exercise to practice throughout the day to improve blood circulation.

Bring your hands in prayer, step forward with your right foot. Breathe in and go to your toes, exhale and return to rest your entire foot on the ground, proceed like this for a few cycles. Then, stay on your toes, when you exhale bend your knees, always staying on your toes. Inhale and straighten your legs, continue like this for a few breaths. Then bring your feet back together and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Go on your back. The knees are bent and to the chest. Extend your legs towards the ceiling, the soles of your feet looking towards the ceiling. Stay in this position for a few cycles of breathing. Every now and then you can stop by relaxing your legs and shaking them, then stretch your legs up again.

Bring your right leg, slightly bent, towards your face. The left leg comes down to the mat and stretches out. The hands grasp the right ankle. If you can and do not feel pain, try to stretch your right leg and lift your head slightly, so as to look towards the navel. Then switch legs and repeat the exercise on the other side.

Finally, stretch both legs on the mat, arms fall to your sides, relax any tension. Stay like this for a few moments longer, observing the effects of the asanas inside you.

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