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Yoga for neck and back pain
Video Yoga for neck and back pain

Yoga for neck and back pain

Today's yoga sequence helps to improve posture, relaxes tensions and stiffness and, if practiced consistently, helps prevent neck and back pain.
Sit cross-legged. Exhale and turn your head to the right, inhale and bring it back to the center, exhale and turn it to the left, continue like this for a few cycles. Then exhale and head down, then come up and look up. Place your hands on your shoulders, rotate your elbows, bring them upwards then backwards and downwards. Continue like this for a few cycles, then change direction.
Get a stool and place it in front of you. Sit on your heels and stretch your arms forward, resting your palms on the stool. Bring the weight back, stretching your back and pressing your hands against the stool. The head remains in line with the column and does not collapse.
Now move the stool. Bring your weight back and lift your knees off the ground. Place your hands on the mat. Raise your pelvis upwards and stretch your legs. Walk with your hands forward and enter the downward facing dog pose.
Shift your weight forward and fold your arms, lowering your torso towards the mat. Place the backs of your feet on the mat. Then straighten your arms, lift your torso and look upwards, in the yoga position of the cobra.
Finish by sitting on your heels and stretching your arms forward on the mat, breathe. Feel your back pleasantly stretch.
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