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Yoga for psoas, the muscle of the soul

October 22, 2021
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Yoga for psoas, the muscle of the soul
Video Yoga for psoas, the muscle of the soul

The psoas is a muscle that connects the last lumbar vertebrae with the thigh. It is called the muscle of the soul because, in a very fascinating mechanism, it connects the physical world with the world of our emotions. In fact, the psoas is connected to the diaphragm and its stiffening also causes the diaphragm to stiffen, as a consequence the breath becomes shorter and more superficial, anxiety, agitation and the desire to escape take over. On the contrary, an elastic and flexible psoas muscle guarantees good and deep breathing and calms body and mind. Not only that, working on the psoas also helps prevent pains such as sciatica and back pain, improves the flexibility of the hip and spine.

You are kneeling on your heels, lower your torso and bring your chest over your thighs. The arms stretch forward as the forehead touches the mat. Breathe.

Go on all fours. Lift your right knee and start swinging your leg back and forth. After 3-4 cycles, stay with the leg raised and the knee bent. Remove your left hand and grab your right ankle.

Then repeat with the other leg.

Get back on all fours, raise your pelvis and enter the downward facing dog pose. Lift your right leg and stretch it upwards, then bring your right foot between your hands. Bring your left knee to the ground. Take your hands off and lift your torso, your arms stretch upwards.

Then bring your hands back to the ground, go with the weight slightly backwards and grab your left foot with your right hand. The torso rotates to the right, open the chest and breathe. Repeat with the other leg.

Go on all fours, bring your right knee bent between your hands. Lean forward with your torso and rest your forehead on the mat.

Then lift your torso, rotate it to the left and place your left foot in the crook of the left elbow. Hands grab each other behind the head, breathe.

Then repeat on the other side.

Complete the sequence as you started it. Get on your knees and lean forward, bringing your chest over your thighs. The arms are extended forward, breathe.

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