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Yoga for the arms
Video Yoga for the arms

Yoga for the arms

May 14, 2021
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Today we practice a yoga sequence designed to strengthen and reshape the arms. Not only that, the asanas will help you fortify your wrists, shoulders, back and abdominals as well as improve balance and concentration.

You are standing, swing your torso left and right, your arms follow the movement. After a few oscillations, make also, together with torso and arms, an oscillation with the legs, bending and straightening them.

Stop the movement. Stretch upwards, bend forward and lower your torso until you touch the ground with your hands. Take a few steps forward with your hands and enter the downward facing dog pose. Remove the right hand and place it on the outside of the left ankle, also rotate the torso to the left. Repeat with the other hand. Then when you have both hands on the ground again, go to your tiptoes, bend your knees and bring your head to your legs, then return in the downward facing dog pose.

Move your feet slightly away, take your left hand off and rotate your body to the left to find yourself in the yoga position of the side plank while keeping your balance with your feet and right hand. The left arm is stretched towards the ceiling. Repeat on the other side.

Return in the downward facing dog pose, then rest your knees on the ground. Remove the right hand to release the tension accumulated on the wrist, do the same with the left hand.

Point your feet and, shifting your weight backwards, lift your knees and hands off the ground. Breathe. Now place your hands on the ground, try to distribute the weight all over your hand. Go on your tiptoes and place your knees over your elbows, sliding your weight forward. First take off one foot, then bring it back to the ground and take off the other. Stop here for the moment. Over time, the body will be strong enough to enter the full crow yoga position, taking both feet off the ground.

Get back on all fours, remove any tension in wrists and ankles by making small rotations. Raise your pelvis and enter the downward facing dog pose. Go on your tiptoes and shift your weight forward, bending your arms. Go down with your body to the mat. When your knees touch the floor, place the backs of your feet on the ground, straighten your arms and look with your head upwards in the upward facing dog pose.

Come down with your whole body on the ground. Bend your arms and rest your elbows on the ground by lifting your torso. Hands grasp. Point your feet and lift your pelvis into the yoga position of the plank. Stay in the position by activating the legs and stretching the heels backwards. At first you will be able to hold the position for a few seconds, then, slowly, you will be able to hold it for a minute and then even more.

Finally, rest your entire body on the mat. The hands are one above the other and the forehead above the back of the hands. Breathe and feel the effects of the yoga pose.

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