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Yoga for the eyes, eye exercises against eye strain
Video Yoga for the eyes, eye exercises against eye strain

Yoga for the eyes, eye exercises against eye strain

How many times do we arrive in the evening with tired eyes, which itching, redness and blurred vision? Eye yoga exercises are beneficial to counteract this condition, as proven by scientific studies.
In fact, research has observed that undergoing these same eye exercises that we will do together for one hour, twice a week for eight weeks led to a significant decrease in eye fatigue (Kim et al, J Phys Ther Sci., 2016).
Start by blinking repeatedly and quickly, this helps lubricate the eyes and release tension.
Look now from the side, to the right and to the left. Then, you can stop your gaze at the center, move it to the side again, back to the center, to the side, and so on. This helps to relax the eye tensions
Roll your eyes. You can draw circles with your eyes, in one direction and the other. You can also draw other shapes, such as triangles or squares. This improves the coordination of the eyeballs.
Keeping your head still, move your gaze up and down, to balance the upper and lower muscles of the eyeballs.
Look at the tip of the nose, this improves the accommodation and focusing ability of the eye muscles.
Raise a finger, bringing it 15-20 centimeters from your face. Look at your finger, then move your gaze to an object 3 or 4 meters away. Looking at near and distant objects helps to relax tensions and improve the ability to focus.
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