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Yoga for the legs
Video Yoga for the legs

Yoga for the legs

Today we see a yoga sequence designed for the legs, to strengthen and slim them. Not only that, the asanas we are going to practice are also useful to improve balance and digestion and to stimulate detox processes.
You are standing, stretch upwards. Lean forward until you touch the ground. Jump back into the downward facing dog pose. Lift the right leg backwards and bring your foot between your hands. Calmly, find the point of balance and take your hands off the ground. Stretch your arms upwards. This is the warrior pose, version 1.
Straighten your right knee, flex your torso to the right and slide your hand along your thigh until it touches the ground. Your left arm reaches out to the sky. This is the yoga position of the triangle. For a deeper leg stretch, try to bend your left arm behind your back. Take your right hand off the ground and, passing under the leg, try to grab the left hand.
Release the position, lift your torso. Bend your right knee, the right arm extends in front of you while the left one backwards. The gaze is directed in the direction indicated by the index finger of the right hand. This is the warrior pose, second version. Straighten your right knee and bend your torso forward, leaning your chest against your thigh, you can feel the muscles stretching pleasantly. Bring your hands to the ground, step back and return to the downward facing dog yoga pose. Repeat the sequence on the other side.
Complete the first part of the sequence in the downward facing dog pose. Lower your knees to the ground, then raise your torso, your knees and slowly, vertebra by vertebra, unroll your back and get to stand on the mat.
Stretch your arms upwards, bend your torso slightly forward while bending your knees, bring your weight backwards in the yoga position of the chair.
Stand up, your hands are in prayer. Your left foot rests on your right thigh. Bend your right knee while keeping your balance, go down as far as you can, breathe. Then lift yourself up again and repeat with the other leg.
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