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Yoga for the vagus nerve, here are the exercises that improve relaxation and digestion
Video Yoga for the vagus nerve, here are the exercises that improve relaxation and digestion

Yoga for the vagus nerve, here are the exercises that improve relaxation and digestion

The vagus nerve is the longest of all the nerves that make up the autonomic nervous system and, starting from the brain stem, reaches the abdomen.
The vagus nerve controls heart rate, but also gastrointestinal peristalsis and respiration. Therefore, its dysfunction can cause anxiety, accelerated heart rate but also digestive problems, nausea and heartburn. Today we see a yoga sequence designed to balance the vagus nerve and promote relaxation, through a slowing down of breathing and a greater adaptability of the heart to external events, but also to improve digestion and relieve gastric disorders.
You are standing, breathe. Cross your arms behind your back placing your right hand on your left elbow and vice versa. Exhale and bend your head to the right, simultaneously extending your right elbow towards the ground. Then inhale and return to the starting position, exhale and repeat on the other side. Continue for a few cycles. Then cross your arms in the same way in front of your chest and, maintaining this position, rotate in one direction and the other. Keeping your arms thus crossed, lift them, simultaneously bend your torso forward and bend your knees, the weight goes backwards and your head is between your arms, stay in this position for a few breaths.
Sit cross-legged. Hands are on knees. Exhale and bring your torso forward to the right, then to the left, inhale and move your torso backwards from left to right, continue like this for a few breaths, then change the direction of rotation. Then stop the movement. Stretch your arms upwards, then pass your right arm behind your back until you can rest your hand on your left hip while your left hand presses against your right knee, your torso automatically rotates to the right. With each exhale try to rotate a little more, with the inhale relax. Then repeat on the other side.
Stretch your legs out in front of you. Bend the left leg and bring the foot towards the pelvis. Lean forward, without bending your neck, and try to reach your right foot or ankle, you shouldn't feel any pain. Then bring your right arm to the left until it reaches your left side. The torso rotates to the left as the left arm reaches for the right foot. Then release and lift your torso. Place your left hand on the ground behind you. Lift your pelvis and stretch your right arm backwards, following your hand with your gaze. Stay in position for a few breathing cycles. Then release and repeat on the other side.
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