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Yoga for tiredness and to fill up on energy

May 19, 2023
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Yoga for tiredness and to fill up on energy
Video Yoga for tiredness and to fill up on energy

There are days when we feel exhausted and tired and nothing seems to lift us up. Today we will see a yoga sequence designed to drive away the annoying feeling of fatigue and to fill up on energy. Indeed, the yoga practice of some particular asanas, or positions, has been shown to increase the body's energy reserve, also bringing more well-being and self-esteem. Today's sequence is based precisely on this type of yoga positions to allow us to recharge our batteries in a powerful and effective way.

Spring tiredness

Spring is the time when nature offers its best, becoming a riot of colors and life after the winter stasis. But spring is also the season in which, more than other times of the year, we can feel tired, exhausted and nervous. Blame it on hormonal changes induced by longer days but also on a greater risk of developing insomnia in these months of the year. And the fact that hotter and brighter days lead to an increase in commitments and more or less convivial meetings doesn't help.

Yoga to increase energy

Whether it's spring tiredness or fatigue caused by too stressful and busy days, yoga can help, as mentioned in the introduction. Scientific studies have shown that yoga invigorates body and mind, strengthens the body, counteracts tiredness and increases energy. In particular, the yoga positions that, more than others, allow you to increase energy and counteract tiredness are those that require you to open your chest, working on the heart chakra (Woodyard et al, Int J Yoga, 2011 - de Zavala et al. al, Front Psychol, 2017).

Yoga for energy, chair pose

You are standing. Inhale and stretch your arms upwards, exhale forcefully and lower your torso downwards, letting your arms swing. Repeat for a couple of cycles.

Then, bring your praying hands just above your head, inhaling. As you exhale, stretch your arms straight up and bend your knees, trying to keep your weight backwards. Inhale, straighten your legs and bring your hands above your head, exhale and bend your knees by stretching your arms upwards.

Then stay in this position, which is the chair yoga position, for about ten seconds, breathe.

Yoga for energy, warrior pose

Get on all fours. Bring your right foot between your hands. Raise your torso and place your hands on your right knee. Also lift your left knee off the ground. Complete the position by stretching your arms upwards, the head follows the hands, breathe. You can feel the energy awakened by this pose flowing through your body.

Yoga for energy, camel pose

You are on your knees, sitting on your heels. Place your hands behind your back with your fingers pointing towards the end of the mat. Lift your pelvis and look with your head in front of you. The head does not go backwards in this variation of the camel pose. Breathe, stay in this position for a few breathing cycles.

Yoga for energy, conclusions

Complete the sequence by being on your back, arms falling at your sides. Close your eyes, breathe. The body is immobile while energy pulsates inside, ready to support you in all the events of daily life.

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