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Yoga to prevent and combat neck pain

October 27, 2023
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Yoga to prevent and combat neck pain
Video Yoga to prevent and combat neck pain

Neck pain can limit movement, with repercussions on quality of life. Yoga can also help in this case, helping to both prevent and reduce pain if it is already present, especially if this pain is chronic. Today we see a yoga sequence useful for releasing tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulder area, improving flexibility and movement and preventing and combating neck pain.

Yoga for neck pain, what science says

The constant practice of yoga helps in case of neck pain, especially if it is recurring. Studies have shown that yoga relieves pain, improves the ability to move the neck and shoulders, as well as improves mood and quality of life, helping to prevent further attacks of neck, shoulder and upper back pain [1]. Below we will see some yoga exercises useful in case of neck pain. The important thing is to always practice delicately and, in case of pain, to stop.

Yoga for neck pain, head and shoulder rotations

Get into a sitting, kneeling or cross-legged position, as you like. Place your hands on your knees, open your shoulders and breathe. As you exhale, rotate your head to the right, inhale and return to the center, exhale and rotate your head to the left. Continue like this for a few cycles.

Then, stop the movement. Place your right hand on the top of your head. Exhale and lower your head to the right, bringing your ear closer to your shoulder. Stay in position, breathe. After a few seconds, return to the initial position, place your left hand on the top of your head and lower your head to the left, breathe. Return to the starting position. With the exhale, lower your shoulders as much as you can, with the inhale, raise your shoulders closer to your ears, continue like this 2-3 times.

Then introduce rotation. Bring your shoulders forward and up, then back and down, proceed like this and after a few cycles stop and change the direction of rotation.

Yoga for neck pain, the bridge

Lie with your back on the ground, your feet are firmly planted on the mat and your arms are at your sides, with your palms pressing against the ground. Activate your feet, press the soles of your feet against the ground and lift your pelvis a few centimeters. Return with the back to the ground. Repeat, but this time don't stop, continue to rise with your pelvis, higher and higher, entering the yoga bridge position. Stay in position, breathe.

Yoga for neck pain, the ball

You are still with your back on the ground. Remove your feet from the ground and bring your bent knees towards your chest. The hands rest on the knees. Do swings with the back to the right and left.

Then look towards your navel, raising your head from the ground. Start swinging back and forth, just like a ball. Bring yourself to a sitting position.

Yoga for neck pain, the cat variant

You are in a sitting position, with legs crossed. Hands are on knees. Exhale and look towards your navel, moving your torso backwards. Inhale and straighten your back starting from the lumbar area until the neck, open your chest. Continue in this way for a few cycles.

Yoga for neck pain, the complete sequence

We have seen some yoga exercises that help maintain the mobility of the neck and shoulders and prevent and counteract tension and pain. The complete yoga sequence, useful against neck pain and tension, can be practiced by following the video whose link is indicated on this page.

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