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Yoga to sleep well, here is the bedtime sequence
Video Yoga to sleep well, here is the bedtime sequence

Yoga to sleep well, here is the bedtime sequence

September 02, 2022
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Twists, stretches and rotations of the neck, all these movements can support the well-being of body and mind and help to relax and sleep better, as proven by scientific research (Su et al, World J Clin Cases, 2021). Today we will practice a sequence based on these yoga positions, to promote a good restful sleep, drive away obsessive thoughts and bring peace and serenity, so that we wake up in the morning full of energy and rested.

Sit cross-legged, or in another position, the important thing is to be comfortable. Open your shoulders and place your hands on your knees. Slowly, start rotating your head, go backwards to the left, then to the right, bring it forward and return to the starting position. So for a couple of times, breathe. Then, change direction of rotation.

Stop the movement of the head. Exhale and rotate your torso to the right. The right hand is resting on the mat behind you, the left hand is on the right knee to exert a little pressure and allow for better rotation. With the inhale release, then when you exhale try to rotate a little more. Then repeat on the other side.

Bring yourself now with your back to the ground. Lift your knees and bring them to your chest. The arms stretch out on the floor, opening at shoulder height. Slowly, come down with your legs to the right, until they touch the ground. The head rotates to the left. Breathe. After 5-6 breaths, raise your legs again and repeat on the other side.

Bring your knees back to your chest. Now, keeping your knees bent at a 90° angle, bring the soles of your feet towards the ceiling. Your arms grab your ankles or feet, as it comes easier, breathe.

Get down with your feet on the ground. The back is always resting on the mat and the arms are at the sides. Inhale and press your feet against the mat. Then exhale and relax. Inhale, press your feet against the mat and lift your pelvis, bringing it higher and higher, into the yoga position of the bridge.

Finally, here is a position that can close a bedtime yoga sequence or even practice when needed, when you feel agitated and can't sleep. Place a pillow or a folded towel under your pelvis so that your pelvis is higher than your heart. The back is on the ground and the legs bent with the feet on the ground. Close your eyes and focus on the breath, which enters and brings energy to the body and exits, delivering toxins to the earth.

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