Yoga at home against anxiety and to sleep well, relaxing exercises

Anxiety, panic, fear and nervousness, they are all common feelings in a so difficult time. Yoga may be helpful, it soothes anxiety, makes the mind calm and brings benefits to the immune system. Today we’ll see, in particular, guided relaxation exercises, simple to do at home and suitable for everyone, that will help regenerate the mind and calm the body.
Sit down with crossed legs or on your heels, what is important is to be comfortable. Open the chest and close the eyes. Move the attention from the feet to the head, notice, without judging, how the feet press against the floor, how the clothes fall on your body. Maybe you can feel a lock of hair on your forehead or the weight of the earring. Now, bring your attention outside, try to feel sounds and noises all around you, the birds that are singing, maybe a car that is passing. Your mind is free and calm. You can open the eyes again.
Let’s see a pranayama against anxiety. Sit down in a comfortable pose, insert the hands under the armpits, the right hand under the left armpit and vice versa. The thumbs are looking upwards. Inhale and bring the head backwards, exhale and bring the head down looking at the floor. Stay in the pose for some seconds, inhale again and bring the head backwards, go on in this way.
Do you have a problem to fall asleep due to anxiety? Try to put the pillow under the pelvis, in a few minutes you will feel the calm growing in your body.
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