Yoga at home, the sequence for body and mind

Yoga is a wonderful discipline, it may be done at home, you don’t need any particular tool and it is so healthy for body and mind. The yoga sequence of today, indeed, improves flexibility, stretches gently the muscles of legs, back and torso, tones the glues and slims the legs. In addition to this, this yoga exercise helps remove anxiety and fears.
You are on your heels, raise the hips and plant the feet. Stretch the arms towards the ceiling and go slightly backwards, try to touch the left heel with the left hand. Breathe. Go back in the initial pose and try to touch the right heel with the right hand. Return in the initial pose and try to touch both the heels with the hands. Then, sit on your heels and stretch the arms on the mat.
Go in the downward facing dog yoga pose. Bring the right foot near the right hand. Raise the right hand and stretch the arm towards the ceiling. Bring the hand down again and lean both the elbows on the mat. Breathe. Straighten the arms and bring the right hand beyond the right foot. Try to get off the ground both the hands and stretch the arms towards the ceiling. Stay in the pose, breathe. Bring again the hands on the mat and return in the downward facing dog pose. Repeat with the other leg.
From the downward facing dog pose bring the right foot between the hands. Straighten the right leg and bring the forehead close to the knee. Return in the downward facing dog pose and repeat with the other leg.
You are in the downward facing dog pose. Go on tiptoes and then again with the heels on the mat. Bend the right knee and then stretch the leg towards the ceiling. Stretch the back and try to bring the chest close to the thighs. Bring down the foot and repeat with the other leg. Then, bring down the hips and sit on the heels. Lean the forehead on a turret made with your fists. Breathe, feel the energy of the sequence flowing in the body and the mind free and light.
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