Yoga detox, how to remove toxins and improve digestion

After holidays and big meals but also at season changes it is important to purify the body from toxins. The yoga asanas based on twisting and on massages of the internal organs may be helpful to purify the body but also to stimulate digestion and counteract swollen belly, constipation and trapped wind.
The wind relieving yoga pose is useful to massage the internal organs and to counteract the trapped wind and constipation. You are on your back, the legs are straightened in front of you. Stretch the arms beyond your head. Exhale and bring the right knee towards the chest with the help of your hands. Inhale and stretch again the legs in front of you and the arms beyond your head. Repeat with the left knee, go on in this way by changing the leg.
You are sitting on the yoga mat. Cross the left leg above the right one and bend forward in order to massage the internal organs. Then repeat with the other leg.
Sitting on the yoga mat, the legs are stretched in front of you. Bend the right knee and bring the heel close to the right hip. Rotate the torso to the left and grab your hands behind the back. Then, by keeping in the same position arms and legs, return with the torso in the middle and bend forwards. This practice is able to activate the deep detox processes. Then repeat with the other leg.
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