Yoga, flying like a bird to leave on earth burdens and heavy thoughts

Flying, leaving on earth the most obsessive and heavy thoughts, this is the feeling that gives the paksinasana yoga pose, or pose of the flying seagull. This asana has also important benefits for the body since it counteracts bad postures, opens the chest and the shoulders, improves the breathing and enhances the décolleté.
You are standing on the yoga mat, start swinging on tiptoes and heels. Then, with the feet on the ground, raise the arms. Bring them down and try to bring them close behind the back. Bend forward the torso and form with the body a 90-degree angle. Stay in the pose and breathe, keep the chest open.
Bend now the knees and try to bring the chest close to the thighs. Go on tiptoes. Stay in the pose, breathe.
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