Yoga for a light mind and a flexible body
Video Yoga for a light mind and a flexible body

Yoga for a light mind and a flexible body

Yoga can help clear the mind, make it light and able to create and find solutions in a natural way. Today's yoga sequence works precisely on the flexibility and lightness of the body because if the body is free and without tension, the mind can only be the same.
You are standing on the yoga mat, your arms are at your sides, close your eyes and decide to dedicate this time to yourself.
Stretch your arms upwards, then bend forward until you touch the ground with your hands. Jump back with your feet. The knees go on the mat, now you are on all fours. Exhale and round the back towards the ceiling like a cat. At the same time, lift your palms off the ground and leave only your fingertips in contact with the floor. Inhale, bring your back straight, the palms return to the ground and the knees lift off the ground. Continue like this for a few breaths.
You are on all fours, the hands take a step forward. Extend the right leg backwards, the right knee rests on the left foot, which comes off the ground. Take your right foot off the ground as well and slide your weight forward, bending your arms. This is the yoga position of the nightingale. Repeat with the other leg.
You are still on all fours. Take your hands off the ground and go on your knees. Hands are in prayer. Raise your arms above your head, then bend forward and bring your arms in an arrow between your legs, then get up again and stretch the arms towards the ceiling. Continue like this for 3 cycles. Then, stop upside down, rest the top of your head on the mat and try to grab the backs of your feet with your hands. Take your feet off the ground. Then bring your feet back to the ground and release the position.
You are on your back, your legs are bent and your arms are at your sides. The right foot rests on the left knee. Raise your pelvis in the bridge yoga pose. Complete by lifting your left heel off the ground as well and staying on your left tiptoe. Then release the position and repeat with the other leg.
Stay on your back, stretch your legs. Close your eyes and feel the effects of the asanas in the body.
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