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Yoga for the back, the breath and the thyroid, Matsyasana – The fish
Video Yoga for the back, the breath and the thyroid, Matsyasana – The fish

Yoga for the back, the breath and the thyroid, Matsyasana – The fish

Stretching exercises are really useful to improve blood flow, to make the movements fluid but also to lubricate the joints and to protect the cartilages.
Stand on the gym mat, move the arms, shake them and, in the meantime, go down with your torso.
Then swing from one side to the other with torso and arms. In this way you can feel that the back is gently stretching together with legs, arms and neck, and you will get relief in the shoulder joints.
Sit now, bring the chin close to the chest, then raise the head and look towards the ceiling. Then, bring the ear close to the shoulder, from one side to the other and finally rotate the neck.
Get on all fours, put the right foot between your hands and stretch backwards the left leg. Swing by changing the load back and forth. Every time, try to bring the heel closer to the floor. In this way you can stretch deeply the calves. Repeat now with the other leg.
Stand on the mat, bring the right arm close to the right ear and bend the torso on the left side. Arrive until you can, feel the side part of the body that is stretching, a space between your ribs is forming and the breath opens. Like a spring return in the center, change the arm and bend the torso to the right side, go on in this way.
Bend the back and stretch the arm forwards, exhale, then, by inhaling, put your front side out. Go on for some breaths, then, by keeping the front side out go down with the torso, your hands lean on the thighs. Then, raise the torso by putting your front side in and bending the back.
Matsyasana, the fish, is a yoga pose that works on the posture, by counteracting hunched shoulders, on the breath, by making it deeper and more efficient, and on the thyroid, by improving its functionality. Moreover, the fish helps also release the tensions and counteract anxiety, sadness and depression.
You are on the back, push the legs together, the arms are at your sides. Put the hands under the back with the palms facing downwards.
Lift the torso and the head, breathe, bend backward the back and look towards the ceiling. Exhale, lean the top of your head on the yoga mat. Stay in the pose and feel the rib cage that is opening. Return to the initial pose with the back on the mat, cross the fingers on the back of the head and lift the head looking towards the navel.
A variant of this pose is really useful to stretch deeply the thighs. You are on the back, raise the legs and cross them, grab the ankles with the hands. Bring now the knees close to the floor and to do this lift the hips and bring them forward. Bend the back to lean the top of the head on the mat. Breathe.
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