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Yoga for the bedtime

November 06, 2020
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Yoga for the bedtime
Video Yoga for the bedtime

Anxiety, obsessive thoughts, stress and fears can make us nervous and keep us up at night. Yoga, also in this case, can be a valid help thanks to particular asanas and pranayamas that are breathing techniques. In particular, today we will see a small series of exercises to be practiced in the evening or when we feel gripped with anxiety to restore calm, relieve tension and relax the muscles.

Sit cross-legged on the mat or bed. Close your eyes and breathe, bring attention to your body, observe, without judging, if there are tensions. Bring attention to the feet and legs, then move your attention to the abdomen, to the chest, then go along the arms until the hands, finally, on the face, tongue and forehead.

Bring your hands in prayer and rub them together. Cup your warm hands over your eyes. Close your eyes and imagine a scene in motion, like a field of corn swaying in the wind. This is palming and is also useful during the day to relax tensions and improve eyesight. Every now and then try to imagine a sudden movement from one part of the visual space to the other, like the flight of a crow.

Stay seated, still with your eyes closed, close the right nostril with the thumb of your right hand, inhale from the left nostril for 4 seconds. Free the right nostril and close the left nostril with the other fingers of the right hand, exhale for 4 seconds, then inhale for another 4 seconds, free the left nostril, close the right one with the thumb and exhale from the left nostril for 4 seconds. And so on.

Lie on your back, join the soles of your feet and let your knees fall outside. Breathe.

Then, bring your feet to the ground and lift your knees. The arms are open to the side. Bring your legs to the left as your head rotates to the right, lift your legs and gently drop them to the right while looking to the left. Continue like this for a few breaths.

Now extend your arms and legs on the ground. Close your eyes. Let's finish the sequence as we started it. Bring attention to every part of the body. Focus on your feet, and relax them.

Then shift your attention to the legs and relax them. Relax the abdomen, the chest and the center of the chest, relax the tongue and the lips, relax the forehead and the center of the forehead. Breathe, feel a sensation of peace inside you that you know you can recall whenever necessary, because it is within you.

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